Roel Beurskens - about

Roel Beurskens (1975)

Since his childhood Roel developed a genuine curiosity in many features of the world surrounding him. Whether it were people, the cities or nature, already at young age he started capturing his impressions of that world with his camera. From his own money he bought his first camera to picture marine life.

Roel’s background and interests helped him a lot developing his photography skills and portfolio. During his study in sport science he specialised in winter sports, diving and climbing, the results of which can be found in his present photographs. He worked as a sports teacher for 6 months in a rural township in South Africa. After his study at the "Academy for Lichamelijke Opvoeding", Roel explored the world during a 4 years trip around the world.
He lived for longer periods in Vancouver (Canada) and on the island of Utila (Honduras). During his trips around the world he visited Asia, Australia, the America’s, Africa and many European countries. His most recent trips were to Tibet, Nepal, the Gambia and New Zealand.

Besides, Roel followed a 2,5 years study at the "Foto Factory" in Amsterdam where he refined his photographic focal areas. 

At present Roel specialises in:

Travel photography
Street photography